Taurians contains 2 potent anti-oxidants – N-acetyl cysteine & Taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that both dogs and cats require for good health. For cats, taurine is necessary for brain, nerves, eyes, heart, digestion, immune function and fetal development. For dogs, taurine is needed for eyes, reproduction, bile acid (for fat digestion) and for healthy heart.
N-Acetylcysteine is useful in treating conditions that involve tissue damage due to oxidative stress and toxicity,
Taurians helps to protect against damage from oxidative stress in patients with chronic kidney disease, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, promotes healthy liver, prevents or reduces glomerular damage due to diabetes, and promotes clean & healthy lungs.

Target Species: Companion Animal
Therapeutic Class
Kidney health
CompositionTaurine(500mg) andN-acetyl cysteine(150mg)
  • Dogs: 1 tablet twice daily
  • Cats: 1/2 tablet twice daily
Strips of 10 tablets