Revell is a completely herbal liver tonic that contains 15 proven herbal ingredients like Boerhavia diffusa, Cassia occidentalis, Centalla asiatica, Cichorium intybus apart from Silybum marianum. Revell helps to stimulate & improve liver function. It also rejuvenates & detoxifies liver.

Revell is recommended in conditions of weakness, during post-deworming period, and during recovery from illness.

Target Species: Cats, Dogs
Therapeutic Class
Liver Health
Each 100ml contains: Silybum marianum 3.75%, Tephrosia purpurea 2.50%, Centella asiatica 1.50%, Cichorium intybus 1.50%, Eclipta alba 1.50%, Phyllanthus niruri 1.50%, Solanum nigrum 1.50%, Tinospora cardifolia 1.50%, umaria parviflora 1.25%, Boerhavia diffusa 0.75%, Cassia occidentalis 0.75%, Embelia ribes 0.75%, Terminalia arjuna 0.75%, Terminalia chebula 0.38%, Ocimum sanctum 0.10%
Bottle of 200ml