Petsapp is a herbal appetizer syrup that stimulates appetite, increases bile secretion, cures digestion problems and aids in bowel movement & digestion. Petsapp contains proven herbal ingredients like Amla, Thai Ginger, Jeera, Brahmi, Ashwagandha and Trikatu.
Petsapp is indicated in loss of appetite, loss of weight, under-weight pets, indigestion and pets recovering from illness.

Target Species: Cats, Dogs
Therapeutic Class
Each 5ml contains Alpinia galanga 37mg, Trikatu 37mg, Foeniculum vulgare 35mg, Emblica officinalis 53mg, Bacopa monnieri 45mg, Withania somnifera 53mg
  • Pregnant and lactating bitches: 15 ml twice daily
  • Adult Dog: 10 ml twice daily
  • Pet Birds : 10-15 ml/100 birds or as directed by veterinarian
  • Puppies: 5 ml twice daily
  • Kittens: 2.5 ml twice daily
  • Cat: 2.5 ml twice daily
Bottle of 200ml