Deworming is an important preventative care regimen for reducing gastrointernal parasites and helps to improve pet’s overall health & wellbeing. Kiwof is available in a wide range to aid worming in kittens, cats, puppies and dogs.

Target Species: Cats, Dogs
Therapeutic Class
Endo-parasite control
Each chewable tablet of KIWOF PLUS contains Praziquantel USP 50mg, Pyrantel Pamoate USP 144mg, Febantel BP 150mg; Each chewable tablet of KIWOF PLUS XL contains Praziquantel USP 175mg, Pyrantel Pamoate USP 504mg, Febantel BP 525mg ; Each ml of KIWOF PUPPY contains Pyrantel Pamoate 14.4mg, Febantel 15mg : Each chewable tablet of KIWOF for Cats contains Praziquantel USP 20mg, Pyrantel Pamoate USP 230mg
Chewable Tablets, Oral Suspension
  • KIWOF PUPPY: 1ml / kg body weight
  • KIWOF PLUS: 1 Tablet for 10 Kg body weight
  • KIWOF PLUS XL : 1 Tablet for 35 Kg body weight
  • KIWOF CAT: 1 Tablet for 4 Kg body weight
Kiwof Plus, Kiwof Plus XL and Kiwof for Cats is available as a strip of 10 tablets; Kiwof Puppy is available as a bottle of 15ml