About Us

Who we are

For more than a decade, we have shaped the companion animal healthcare market in India through multiple first-in-India and differentiated product launches that have all radically redefined treatment paradigms. Our focus has been to keep companion animals healthy through brands in acute and chronic disease segments. Our comprehensive portfolio caters to the evolving health needs of companion animals and offer very important treatment modality to the treating veterinarian. As we charter new waters with the launch of farm animal business, we reiterate and expand our commitment to keep farm animals healthier and more productive.

With an extensive distribution network across India and the largest on-ground sales team, no one else covers India as we do. Many of our products enjoy leadership positions in various therapy categories like Antibiotic therapy, Immunology, Heart and Liver Health.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted and admired animal healthcare company in India by enriching lives of companion and farm animals for a healthier, happier world.

Our Mission

To consolidate and expand our presence in the Indian animal healthcare market beyond companion animals into farm animals by continuing to offer first-time-in-India and differentiated products that can redefine treatment paradigms, strategically investing in market shaping activities and by nurturing a talent pool of professionals.

Our Values

Our values are deep-rooted in our work.