Ichmune T

Ichmune T contains Tacrolimus that helps to decrease itching, redness and inflammation associated with atopic dermatitis, Podo-dermatitis, Perianal fistula, Lupus and cutaneous vasculitis. Ichmune T is indicated for the lesions of atopic dermatitis, perianal fistula, podo-dermatitis, lupus and cutaneous vasculitis.

Target Species: Dogs
Therapeutic Class
Tacrolimkus 0.1% w/w


Tacrolimus applied twice daily as 0.1% w/w ointment for 6 weeks on localised lesions of CAD resulted in

  • ≥50% reduction in lesions
  • Improvements in 75% of dogs

Perianal fistula:

Tacrolimus applied once or twice daily as 0.1% w/w ointment for 16 weeks on perianal fistula resulted in

  • Significant improvement in 90% dogs
  • Complete healing in 50% dogs
Tube of 10g