Galibor contains the secondary bile acid, Ursodeoxy cholic acid (UDCA) and is used as an adjunctive tehrapy for patients with liver disease, particularly where cholestasis is present. Cholestasis is a condition in which the flow of bile from the liver stops or slows. Bile is a digestive fluid and the reduced flow of bile and can be caused by a liver infection, gallstones, cancer and drugs.

Target Species: Cats, Dogs
Therapeutic Class
Liver Health
Each 5 ml contains Ursodeoxycholic acid 125mg
Oral Suspension
  • Dogs: 2-3ml/10kg bw once daily or divided into twice daily
  • Cats: 0.2-0.3ml/kg bw once daily or divided into twice daily
  • It is recommended that treatment be administered for 3 to 4 months after the patient has presented improvement in the biochemical markers for liver disease.
Bottle of 100ml