Dutrek is the next generation of joint support and mobility. Dutrek helps to strengthen cartilage, improve joint mobility, and reduce joint stiffness to promote flexibility. It contains clinically proven ingredients such as UC-II*, curcumin, rosehip extract and vitamin D3. UC-II is a patented blend of undenatured type II collage that helps to repair and regenerate cartilage. Unlike hydrolzed collagen which is there is many commercially available brands, undenatured type II collagen has not been exposed to heat and enzymes and thereby helps to trigger body’s own response to repair joints and reduce inflammation. The use of UC-II has been well studied in small animals with osteoarthritis.

*UC-II is a registered trademark of Lonza.

Target Species: Cats, Dogs
Therapeutic Class
Joint health
Each tablet contains Undenatured Type II Collage (UC-II) 20mg, Curcumin 125mg, Rosehip extract 138mg, Vitamin D3 200 IU, Available in a tasty meat flavour.
  • Cats and dogs upto 15kg: 1 tablet daily
  • Dogs 16-30kg: 2 tablets daily
  • Dogs >30kg: 3 tablets daily
Strip of 10 tablets