SAVA Healthcare Elevates Pet Wellness in India through Exclusive Partnership with Leading French Pet Dermo-Cosmetic Brand, Dermoscent®

India’s pet market is growing at over 30% YoY

Products are developed with a focus on 100% natural ingredients and advanced dermo-cosmetic technology

Pune, 23 January 2024: SAVA Healthcare Limited (SHL), a leading player in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, announced its recent partnership with the French pet dermo-cosmetic brand Dermoscent®, a renowned pet dermo-cosmetic brand under the Nextmune Group. Through this agreement, SAVA will import and market the dermo-cosmetics range of products from Dermoscent® which includes Essential 6®, ATOP 7®, PYO and PHYSIO® lines.

“SAVAVET has always provided innovative and differentiated products to veterinarians in India. This arrangement with Dermoscent® echoes SAVAVET’s commitment to shape the health and well-being of companion animals,” said Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav, Chairman – SAVA Group.

This strategic alliance positions SHL as the sole distributor of Dermoscent® products in the region, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing innovative and high-quality solutions to the pet care industry. Dermoscent® is a global leader in skincare products for companion animals since 2003 and offers a range of dermo-cosmetics that is available across countries, worldwide, including the US and European Union. The products are backed by science, natural-based and formulated with expertise in the fields of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Each product uses active ingredients of 100% natural origin, rigorously selected for their properties and purity that address various skin conditions and promotes overall well-being for pets.

“Looking at the constant growing demand for quality science-based natural alternatives from both pet parents and vet practitioners, this exclusive distribution agreement allows us to bring a premium range of products to pet owners in our region. Together, SAVAVET and Dermoscent® will disseminate and enhance the usage of such products in India by leveraging their individual strengths, further solidifying our position as a leader in the pet care market,” said Dinesh Kapoor, Managing Director – SAVA Healthcare Limited.

Experts say that some of the chronic skin problems need further investigations to find the underlying cause. For instance, allergies like atopy requires customised multimodal approach to manage. These premium innovative skin care products play a major role to complement drug treatments in order to rapidly and sustainably control main skin conditions. The products of Dermoscent® already has its distribution in more than 45 countries, and expanding.

Expressing the enthusiasm about the collaboration Stephan Martin, Managing Director – Dermoscent®, said: “We are excited to be partnering with SAVA, a brand synonymous with companion animal healthcare excellence in India. Their market presence as well as standing made SAVA a natural choice as a partner for us.”

“India’s pet market is growing at over 30% YoY and SAVAVET Companion Animal Business has always been at the forefront of providing unique products. The Dermoscent® dermo-cosmetic range is distinct because it is natural-based and with ingredients of highest purity. We look forward to promoting the brand in India” said Karthik Rajan, Chief Operating Officer – SAVA Healthcare Limited.

Pet owners and veterinarians alike can look forward to accessing Dermoscent®’s renowned products through SAVA Healthcare Limited’s extensive distribution channels, ensuring wider availability and accessibility across the region.

About SAVA Healthcare:

SAVA Healthcare Limited, headquartered in India, operates a Health Canada and PIC/s certified manufacturing facility in Gujarat, alongside an advanced R&D center in Pune. The company is organized into four key sectors: International Business, Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS), Companion Animal (CA) Healthcare, and Farm Animal (FA) Healthcare, as well as a specialized division, SAVA Herbals. Its International Business division extends SAVA’s reach globally, distributing both human and veterinary pharmaceuticals across North America, Central America, Asia, Africa, and the CIS countries.

Renowned for its expertise in Nasal Drug Delivery Platforms, SAVA’s CRAMS division has established itself as a reliable partner, catering to a diverse clientele of Indian and international companies. This commitment to quality and innovation positions SAVA Healthcare as a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry.

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About Dermoscent®:

Dermoscent® is part of Nextmune, a pharmaceutical Group dedicated to the health and well-being of pets, with a strong and pioneering position in the fields of allergy, dermatology, otology and specialized nutrition.

Created in 2003 by a veterinary practitioner and two experts in human dermo-cosmetics, Dermoscent® (ISO9001) aims to provide veterinarians with the scientific advances in human dermo-cosmetics. Dermoscent® products are designed on a unique trilogy: natural active ingredients, proven effectiveness and easy-to-use solutions to improve compliance.

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