SAVAVET successfully organizes Dermatology Summit’23

More than 550 veterinarians participated in the Dermatology Summit’23 held in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi in June. The guest speakers included Prof. Rosanna Marsella (University of Florida, USA), Dr K G Umesh (President – NVF) and Dr B Nagarajan (President – Association of Veterinary Dermatology – India). The summit began with a presentation by Prof. Marsella on “Diagnostic approach to Pruritus in dogs and cats”. Dr K G Umesh then discussed if Hypothyroidism was a misused or over-diagnosed condition. Dr Nagarajan further extended the discussion with a presentation on parasitic skin diseases in cats. Prof. Marsella then summed up the summit with a presentation on handling of recurrent infections with a focus on judicious use of antibiotics and antifungals.

Dermatology Summit’23 – Bangalore

Dermatology Summit’23 – Mumbai

Dermatology Summit’23 – Delhi