SAVAVET Hosts CVE Program on Small Animal Orthopedics & Radiology at Hotel DV Manor, Vijayawada

On June 16, 2024, Savavet organized a Continuing Veterinary Education (CVE) program on Small Animal Orthopedics & Radiology at Hotel DV Manor in Vijayawada. The program featured two distinguished speakers, providing attendees with comprehensive insights into managing hip dysplasia in canines.

Dr. J. Venkhatesh, Founder of Auro Multispeciality Pet Hospital in Chennai, opened the event with his presentation on “Canine Hip Dysplasia: Catch Them Young – Why & How?” Dr. Venkhatesh emphasized the importance of early detection and intervention in hip dysplasia, detailing the diagnostic techniques and preventive measures that can be implemented in young dogs. His session offered practical advice on early management strategies to mitigate the long-term effects of this condition.

Following Dr. Venkhatesh, Dr. Jayaprakash, Founder and Chairman of JP Pet Speciality Group of Hospitals, delivered a compelling lecture on “Circumnavigating ‘Pain’ in Hip Dysplasia!” Dr. Jayaprakash focused on pain management in dogs with hip dysplasia, discussing various pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to alleviate discomfort and improve quality of life. His insights into the latest pain management techniques were particularly valuable for veterinarians seeking to enhance their therapeutic approaches. The program was well-attended and received positive feedback for its in-depth coverage of hip dysplasia. Savavet’s dedication to advancing veterinary education was evident, as the event significantly contributed to the continuing professional development of veterinarians, ultimately improving patient care in small animal orthopedics and radiology.