SAPAC-TN (Small Animal Practitioners Association of Tamil Nadu)

SAVAVET played a prominent role at the Continuing Professional Development event organized by SAPAC-TN (Small Animal Practitioners Association of Tamil Nadu) on Companion Animal Practice. The event unfolded from December 8th to 10th, 2023, at Sterling Resorts in Ooty. As a silver sponsor of the event, SAVAVET took the opportunity to focus on creating awareness of its newly launched products – Kynetra, Solbind, and Carodyl.

With over 300 veterinarians actively participating, SAVAVET’s presence added significant value to the event. The company’s commitment to innovation and education was evident as it actively engaged with the veterinary community, emphasizing the features and benefits of the newly introduced products. This collaboration with SAPAC reinforced SAVAVET’s dedication to fostering awareness, knowledge exchange, and advancements in companion animal healthcare.