Adoption of endanger species, a step towards bio-diversity

On December 21st, 2023, SAVAVET achieved a remarkable milestone by adopting four endangered and near-threatened species from Darjeeling Zoo. The commitment to conservation was exemplified by adopting a Red Panda named Pratham, an endangered species, and a Himalayan Tahr named Nilima, categorized as near-threatened. Additionally, SAVAVET extended its support to the preservation of a Blue Sheep named Neelu, classified as least concern, and a Markhor named Poko, also an endangered species. This initiative underscores SAVAVET’s dedication to wildlife preservation, taking on the responsibility to care for these magnificent creatures. By adopting these animals, SAVAVET not only adds another feather to its cap but also contributes significantly to the ongoing efforts to safeguard the biodiversity of our planet. This act of conservation aligns with SAVAVET’s commitment to environmental responsibility and marks a commendable achievement in the company’s journey towards promoting sustainability and wildlife protection.