20th WSAVA India & 13th FSAPAI CE Conference 2024

The 20th WSAVA India & 13th FSAPAI CE Conference 2024 concluded successfully at the Adlux Convention Centre, Angamali, Cochin, Kerala, from April 26th to 28th, 2024. This prestigious event attracted 600 veterinarians from across the nation. SAVAVET was among the prime sponsors of the event.

Distinguished international faculties, Dr. Margie Scherk, renowned for her expertise in Feline Internal Medicine from Canada, and Dr. Jill Maddison, a leading figure in Canine Internal Medicine from the UK, graced the conference with their insightful presentations and invaluable knowledge.

The event also featured esteemed national faculties including Dr. Shivani Tandel, Dr. Nihar Jayakar, Dr. Neha Shah, Dr. Anoop S., Dr. Ayyappan S., Dr. Senthil Kumar S., Dr. Jayakumar C., Dr. A. Krishnaswami, Dr. Justin Davis K., Dr. Vinodkumar K., Dr. Jeyaraja K., Dr. Sumathi D., and Dr. (Capt) Pradeep V. Rao, who shared their expertise and experiences with the eager audience. The conference aimed to advance veterinary science and improve care for our cherished animal friends. It served as a hub for sharing knowledge, networking, and professional growth, all contributing to the shared goal of promoting animal well-being.