There is a constant, growing demand for quality science-based natural alternatives from both pet parents and vet practitioners for pets. Dermoscent® is a global leader in skincare products for companion animals since 2003 and offers a range of dermo-cosmetics that is available across countries, worldwide, including the US and European Union. The products are backed by science, natural-based and formulated with expertise in the fields of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Each product uses active ingredients of 100% natural origin, rigorously selected for their properties and purity that address various skin conditions and promotes overall well-being for pets. 

There are 3 distinct product lines in the Dermoscent portfolio in addition to other products:

Atop 7 line for allergy-prone skin (pruritic, atopic, dry),

PYO line targeted at skin prone to microbial imbalances, and

Essential line for Kerato-seborrheic disorders (dandruff, bad odors, greasy or dry coat, hair loss, etc.)

Dermoscent is a registered trademark of Laboratoire de dermo-cosmetique animale