Toxo-Mox tablets contains Amoxycillin in combination with Clavulanic acid. It is a broad spectrum antibiotic that works against β – lactamase resistant infections.
Toxo-Mox is indicated for the susceptible UTIs, skin & soft-tissue infections and systemic bacteremia in dogs. It can be also be used in upper respiratory tract infections such as Pneumonia, skin & soft tissue infections in cats.
Toxo-Mox DS is ideal for administration to young animals.

Target Species: Companion Animal
Therapeutic Class
Antimicrobial for oral use
Tablets200mg Amoxycillin, 50mg Clavulanic Acid400mg Amoxycillin, 100mg Clavulanic AcidOral Suspension200mg Amoxycillin, 28.5mg Clavulanic Acid
Tablet, Oral Suspension
  • Tablets: 12.5mg/kg bw twice daily
  • Dry Syrup: 12.5mg/kg twice daily
  • In skin and soft tissue infections – 1ml/3kg bw b.i.d.
  • In periodontal infections – 1ml/3kg bw (5 – 7 days)
  • In Deep pyoderma – 1ml/3kg bw (21 – 30 days)
250/ 500mg strips, 228.5mg/ 5ml Suspension & 300/ 600mg Injection