Cephavet contains Cephalexin and is indicated for superficial or deep pyoderma, urinary tract infections, pyometra and infectious otitis in dogs. It can also be used in cats for soft tissue infections and systemic infections.

Target Species: Cats, Dogs
Therapeutic Class
Antibiotic for oral use
Each tablet contains Cephalexin 300mg / 600mg; Each 5ml contains Cephalexin 250mg/ml
Tablets, Oral suspension
  • Tablets:
    15mg/kg b.d. or 30mg/kg o.d.
  • Oral Suspension:
    Dogs: 1.5ml/5kg b.d. [15mg/kg b.d.]
    Cats: 1ml/2.5kg twice daily [20mg/kg b.d.]
Strip of 10 tablets; Bottle of 60ml